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Breaking News Kerala, the new age Malayalam news and entertainment channel, which focuses on up keeping the core Indian values, has certain unique characteristics of its own. As a channel powered by the people, viewers form the driving force behind Breaking News Kerala. It is this assurance that the channel brings forth to the public.Breaking News Kerala is committed to promoting national values and our culture. The chanel stands for ‘Breaking News’, which means LIVE NEWS, and is supported by a strong shareholders from across the world.

Catch ‘live’ breaking news in Kerala with in-depth analysis to the day’s events.

24/7 Live News Updates. Highlights:

We wish to re-imagine media practices for the Digital Age, uniting the promises of technological innovation and the power of fearless journalism. Dedicated to pursue original, responsible journalism that is deeply reported and beautifully told. Honest story telling, we believe, is a good means of change.

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