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The modern age is tailor-made for the business world. The world goes around by amassing wealth and giving and receiving each day. Not just individuals, even the strength of countries are measured based on their economic growth.

India is a growing powerhouse in the global economic sphere. The fact that India is growing into a global power is not just based on nuclear power or military strength alone, but it also means that India is growing into a holistic powerhouse in every front. We seek to take this journey along with India, understanding the nuances, and the growth trends so that we can give Malayali readers a clear picture on the growth by means of starting a business magazine in Malayalam.

This business magazine will showcase the new movement>s in business world, the ever-expanding sphere of business into new avenues, the latest trends, portrayal of successful business personnel, understand their business acumen and tips and every other news on business. Business expertise is the one of the important specialities in the contemporary world. The main aim of this magazine is to make aware of these experiences for business oriented and other readers alike.

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